Hot Tracks.

Fyfe Dangerfield goes solo, after taking a short break from the Guillemots. His desperate need to write and create music continues as the release of his début solo album is vastly anticipated with his first single off the new album called ‘When You Walk In The Room’. A song which bounces from start to finish with melodies back to back, and a sweet mix of both screechy and soft vocals. The line “I can’t help it if I’m happy” is a personal favourite of mine, from a song which explodes with honesty.
A song which will surely put a shine to your winter.

Fyfe Dangerfield – When You Walk In The Room

Jamie Cullum’s fourth album bursts into the charts followed by his new single ‘I’m All Over It’.  This song however, is not the song that strikes me immediately. Track three of the new album, ‘Wheels’ appeals to me somewhat more. Jamie pushes his usual jazz/alternative writing skills to the back foot as his talent shines yet again, as he proves he’s got a hit in him. If you fancy diving into some ‘popular music,’ then this song is for you. A continuous simple drum beat and whaling vocals create a singalong pre chorus which certainly cuts the mustard. There’s not many artists vocals that I enjoy listening to more. Well worth a listen.

Jamie Cullum – Wheels



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