Best Albums Of 2009.

10. Them Crooked Vultures – S/T
A band with this line up surely can’t fail, and this album proves that the band are the pure definition if the term ‘supergroup’.

Them Crooked Vultures – Reptiles

9. Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon
Kid Cudi may be known for ‘Day ‘N Nite’ but this album is far more than that, a unique style and well produced sound that fills the best Hip Hop album of the year.

Kid Cudi – Solo Dolo

8. Antlers – Hospice
Hospice is a deep, emotional and harrowing album with a sentimental storyline. All told within 10 tracks that flow beautifully for a cohesive masterpiece.

Antlers – Bear

7. Jack Penate – Everything is New
Although not a huge fan of his first, Penate’s latest was a great surprise, and a fantastic album with afrobeats and melodies ‘to die for’.

Jack Penate – Pull My Heart Away

6. Jamie T. – Kings and Queens
Jamie T’s second offering carries the charisma and wit from his first with a tighter, more complete sound to make a great album.

Jamie T. – Spider’s Web

5. Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest
Grizzly Bear gained wide acclaim for this album, filled with some incredible tracks that flow seamlessly throughout.

Grizzly Bear – Cheerleader

4. Maccabees – Wall of Arms
A much more concise album than their debut, these 11 tracks fit together brilliantly and create an incredible record, why aren’t they huge already?

The Maccabees – Seventeen Hands

3. The Horrors – Primary Colours
Incredible second album, with a change in style and a fistful of fantastic songs, The Horrors made themselves listenable to all.

The Horrors – Who Can Say

2. The xx – S/T
An incredible breakthrough with track after track of tender and rich songs, that showcase a unique and brilliant sound.

The xx – Islands

1. Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion
Full of just amazing songs, this is an album that will go down in history as owning 09. Perfection from start to finish.

Animal Collective – Brother Sport

From the Sucking Lemons team.

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  6. my favorite song of Kid Cudi is “day and night” i just love that song_

  7. i like the songs of Kid Cudi because they are a bit emotional and kinda hip .-“

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