Track Of The Week. 4/01/10.

Lists are great. Tomorrow we will reveal to you a whole bunch of lisztomania for you to enjoy and hopefully you’ll discover some new music. The other day I discovered a highly rated band called jj in the very same way.

jj have a very unique sound, closer to The xx than any other band I know with a similar low fi, gentle and hazy sound. This track, ‘Ecstasy’ cleverly uses a sample of a Lil Wayne’s ‘Lollipop’. It seems bizarre choice at first, but really it works brilliantly and completely transforms the signature loop from the hip hop hit.

The song is essentially about ecstasy, with a self-explanatory chorus- “When I’m in the club, I’m always on a drug, If you get a hug, Guess what drug, I’m on ecstasy”. The song generally has that chilled out dreamy nature that seems fitting (not that I would actually know) and creates a great atmosphere for an alternative song with a lot of swagger.

jj – Ecstasy

From Oli.


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