Local Natives – Gorilla Manor. 7.5/10.

Local Natives review is finally here after two tracks of the week and a lot of praise journeying on from last year. To their dismay they’re constantly being compared to Fleet Foxes and it no surprise with a hell of a similarity in the whaling harmonies that litter the album.

The album itself starts brightly bursting in with ‘Wide Eyes’, followed by ‘Airplanes’ which produces a fine set of lyrics. Immediately followed by ‘Sun Hands’, heaving with groovy riffs and rhythmic drums this is a song I can’t get enough of at the minute; at this stage I can’t help but start to think this could be up there in my favourite albums (Premature thoughts…I know). Unfortunately, the album fails to hold any kind structure within itself with songs such as ‘Shapeshifter’ being thrown away with once again using the slightly over used harmonies despite having been used so successfully in other songs.

The lyrics seem to lack passion throughout other than ‘Airplanes’, and songs towards the later stages of the album almost seem like the Native’s have crashed heavily into writers block and decided to continue writing for the hell of it and then throw the song on the album anyway. ‘Warning Sign’ is definitely worth a mention being a great cover of the Talking Heads original and ‘Who Knows Who Cares’ is a song any band would be proud of and the orchestral music brought in is almost necessary at this stage of the album pulling it together. ‘Cubism Dream’ is another example of the talent that you know the band hold, and wish would have used thoroughly during the creation of this album.

The album as a whole is never going to represent any new sound of its era and shows weak patches at times. But the consistency just about holds out throughout the twelve tracks, with it being extremely melodic and harmonious, showing moments of brilliance. For me the album still contains a hand full of songs that are built beautifully giving Local Natives great potential for the forthcoming year.

Local Natives – Sun Hands

Local Natives – Cubism Dream

Local Natives – Who Knows Who Cares


From Stick.


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