New Delorean.

Following the success of their Ayrton Senna EP last year, (we rated it very highly, here) Delorean are back with news of a full-length album to be released on the label True Panther on June 8th. Exciting news. The album will be called Subiza after the Spanish town where they recorded the new material. As a preview they’ve released the opener for the album called ‘Stay Close’ (full tracklist below). Similar to their previous material, the track is upbeat and lush, boding well for the album. They’ve also given the track a summery video that highlights the very nature of their music, which could easily become the soundtrack of summer 2010.

Delorean – Stay Close


01 Stay Close
02 Real Love
03 Endless Sunset
04 Grow
05 Simple Graces
06 Infinite Desert
07 Come Wander
08 Warmer Places
09 It’s All Ours

From Oli.


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