VICES are a six-piece outfit from Reading, preparing for the release of their debut album. The Wind I Walk Into is released on the 1st May, and has been highly anticipated by their fans across the country. With a blistering live set, their strong riffs and powerful vocals come to life and tear through the audience. Clear comparisons could be made to the work of Jack White, a classic rock’n’roll feel that invokes a raucous desire to go wild. Not only do they perform brilliantly live, but on record they sound invigorated and passionate, there’s never a dull moment. Having only heard their live set and what their MySpace has to offer, it’ll be interesting to see whether their energy has the longevity worthy of a full length. Lead single ‘Love Dog’ is as catchy as they come, comparable to the boisterous first album Kings Of Leon (that’s Youth And Young Manhood, by the way) or even the work of Cage The Elephant, both from America’s deep South. A mix of brash guitars and cleaner riffs make for powerful songs that are topped by singer Sam’s rousing voice, check out the video of them below for more insight, and download the single ‘Love Dog’.

VICES – Love Dog

From Oli.


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