DOM – Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP. 7.5/10.

A few weeks ago we introduced DOM, a new three-piece band from Massachusetts. Only being formed for a few months, this three-piece have gained immediate recognition for their summery tunes, and carefree attitude that have been followed by the swift release of their debut EP – Sun Bronzed Greek Gods. With the kind of hazy guitar sound that has prevailed this year, DOM look set to provide their fair share for summer playlists all-over.

EP opener ‘Living In America’ is the most blissful and sun-kissed summer anthem I have heard yet this year, with a catchy and electric chorus that proves the strongest of the seven tracks, though not by far. ‘Burn Bridges’ and ‘Jesus’ follow, with equally accessible sounds and delectable choruses worthy of heavy play counts. The riffs don’t stop there though, with the following tracks all containing powerful hooks that are a pleasure to listen to. DOM are a band that even in these early stages seem to have a brilliant knack for creating pop songs. Here, that ability is showcased in a lo-fi way, suiting the popular sounds gracing our stereos this year, whilst clearly a skill that could be conveyed in other styles. Reminiscent of Delorean’s EP release in late 2009, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods bodes well for DOM’s future, and whilst contributing to the sound of summer 2010, we should all look forward to a full length release from these guys.

DOM – Living In America

DOM – Jesus


From Oli.


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