Kid Cudi samples LCD Soundsystem.

Kid Cudi has become known for his sampling of a broad range of work, encompassing alternative favourites by the likes of Vampire Weekend, Band Of Horses and Nosaj Thing. Back to his old ways, the Cleveland rapper has unsurprisingly taken the LCD Soundsystem track ‘Dance Yrself Clean’, from their new album This Is Happening under his wing. One of the strongest tracks on that album, Kid Cudi is joined by Chip Tha Ripper to rap over it, whilst sampling the infamous Christian Bale outburst. It may not be suitable to play in the library, with Bale’s expletive torrent opening the track, but ‘All Talk’ provides a top up for all those Cudi fans that can’t wait for him to drop his second album slated for release in September.

Kid Cudi – All Talk (Ft. Chip Tha Ripper, Christian Bale and LCD Soundsystem)

From Oli.


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