Live: Chiddy Bang. Gatecrasher, Nottingham. 21/5/10. 8/10.

For an artist with a top ten hit in the UK, tonight’s turnout is poor, with students of Nottingham consumed with exams and a host of other events filling this Friday night’s listings. Chiddy Bang however don’t seem disheartened by the attendance, and engage the small crowd in a thoroughly entertaining set. With ‘Opposite Of Adults’ their name became known for their party starting rap style, sampling MGMT in this example. Party starting certainly seems their goal here, easily creating a dance friendly atmosphere in this venue which is inexperienced in the live gig field.

Playing a selection of tracks from their 2009 mixtape The Swelly Express as well as their more recent EP Air Swell most of their tracks are still relatively unknown. They do however encompass a range of samples for which they are notorious. Fans can therefore recognise tracks such as ‘Under The Sheets’ and ‘Hey London’ which sample Ellie Goulding and Hot Chip respectively. They also play a track from their upcoming debut LP entitled ‘Here We Go’, which they later let slip is to feature veteran rapper Q Tip. They also take the time to show off Chiddy’s rapping skills by getting him to freestyle over a beat, commonly practiced at rap shows, the crowd are asked to suggest topics which can be freestyled about. Aiming to impress the fans with his quick wit, Chiddy doesn’t fail, successfully linking a strange and varied selection of subjects into a comprehensive and funny set of rhymes.

As predicted, the crowd enjoy their most well known song ‘Opposite Of Adults’ the most, clearly responding to its high level of radio play. Despite a small crowd, Chiddy Bang have proved they are worthy of the hype they’ve been achieving, and well worth going to see live.

Chiddy Bang – Hey London

Chiddy Bang – Under The Sheets


From Oli.


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