Darwin Deez – Darwin Deez. 7.5/10

Slinky curls, a trendy moustache and questionable dance moves are three of the things that grab attention visually when you witness the wonder that is Darwin Deez. He is another of these super trendy fellows that seemingly all hail from the Brooklyn, New York area. Without any doubt about his appearance, he seemingly attracts attention through his cutting edge sound and quite frankly weird look. It’s as if Sideshow Bob has grown tired of Krusty and ventured into the music industry.

Taking his originality into the music side of things, he plays a four string guitar that is tuned to his liking and plays songs that are poppy but seem fresh and intriguing. There is a definite trend to each song, but fortunately it is appealing and sounds very new.

If you could compare the sound and style of Darwin Deez, it would be closest to The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr’s upbeat formula; clean guitars, arpeggio melodies with no need for bells and whistles.

The strangely amiable ‘Bad Day’ is as charming as a bad relationship song can be; he lists wishes for his ex-lover over this bump and click drum machine beat, and achieves the opposite, creating an oddly uplifting track.

‘Radar Detector’ is the instant favourite, as Deez exercises his vocals in a way not too dissimilar to Julian Casablancas. He leaps from deep muttering to falsetto yowling in a way that is captivating for the listener.

The ten songs finish up in just under half an hour, eliminating any chances of boredom or lack of variety. There are no doubtful areas or dull tracks thankfully but you can’t help questioning the longevity of Darwin Deez; there have been many that have come and gone on debut albums. A strong assortment of stringy pop songs that are inescapable when initially discovered but after the preliminary fondness, are easily forgotten.


From Stew.


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