Everything Everything Interview.

With the release of their debut album imminent, we caught up with Manchester band Everything Everything at a service station somewhere in the Midlands to discuss their influences, taste and of course, their new record Man Alive.

What are Everything Everything upto at the moment?

Right now we’re heading to London to do some photo shoots and play Underrage Festival, and hopefully make the video for the next single. But right now we’re at a service station in the Midlands, as ever. Micky’s eating carrots and homous, I’ve just got a coffee and Jeremy has bought cocktail sausages and olives.

What did you think about being in the BBC Sound of 2010 list? Did it help or just add to the pressure?

Yeah it definitely helped, it got us a lot of attention early on in the year which is always nice, and it’s great that people wanted us to do something, people cared so much more about what we were up to. It wasn’t too much pressure, it feels like we’ve risen to meet it now as well. At the beginning of the year we knew the album was a way off, we hadn’t even made it yet, but now we have and we’ve worked on our live show a lot too. Now that it’s coming out, and the expectations are high, it feels like we’ve risen to match it.

If you were to come up with a similar list of new bands, who would you tip?

I’ve been listening a lot to a band called Clock Opera, they did a remix for us and we were blown away by it, thought it was really great, they’re great producers. We’ll possibly ask them to come on tour with us if we can, really getting into them at the moment. There’s a Manchester band called Dutch Uncles who we’re into at the moment, doing a lot of good stuff locally and just trying to get some more exposure. There’s a band up in Scotland called Babes who haven’t even played a gig yet, but we’re sort of friends with them and they’re going to be amazing. There’s also a Newcastle band called Mammal Club who we’ve been following for a while, really good.

What can listeners expect from your debut album?

All the stuff that they’ve come to expect from the singles I guess and also there’s a lot more laid back, less frenetic, more serious and deep stuff on there that we haven’t really had a chance to show off yet. We’ve been stricter with ourselves and learnt a lot about how much needs to happen at one time, and we like the fact that you can pummel the hell out of someone and then be very minimal in the next song.

A lot of people have picked up on how lyrically you’re quite unique, has that always been an important factor for you?

Yeah I guess so, I think a lot of bands tend to make it an afterthought. But we try and make it as good as the music, we spend as much time on them and put a lot of thought into them. We try and have as much there for the listener to get out of it as possible so it’s not just one meaning all the time or one theme. I think people can compute a lot more than that in their heads, no-one ever thinks about one thing at a time. It’s great to give people lots of information and material to go into and look at on different levels instead of being one-dimensional.

Musically, you have an eclectic and wide range of influences, do you have a favourite lyricist that you look to?

Probably Thom Yorke or Morrisey I guess, when all’s said and done, those are the best.

You’ve done a fair bit of touring now, have you got a favourite venue?

We’re pretty fond of The Deaf Institute in Manchester and there’s also a venue called The Cluny in Newcastle that we’ve had some really good times at. In London we really like The Skala and Koko, but we haven’t played as many venues in London, but we’ve played nearly everywhere in Manchester and Newcastle.

If you were stuck on an island with five albums, what would they be?

OK Computer by Radiohead, Man Machine by Kraftwerk, The White Album by The Beatles, Writing’s On The Wall by Destiny’s Child and finally, Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield.

And finally, when life gives you lemons…?

Go bananas.

From Oli.


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