Interpol Album Details.

With a three year wait since the last record and the departure of Carlos Dengler, a huge icon and bassist of the band, Interpol are back with their self-titled, fourth studio album.

The first single to be released off the album was ‘Lights’ which was available only from the Interpol website back in May but got spread around blogs and various music websites and received an overall positive response from what I understood.

Having cancelled most of their tour with U2 due to their loss of C Dengler, they bounced back with re-announcing tour dates around Europe. They also replaced the lost bassist with David Pajo who is the multi instrumentalist for Yeah Yeah Yeahs tours and guitarist for post-rock band Slint.

Paul Banks the lead singer and guitarist has leaked information himself in interviews confirming the new album will be released mid September.

Tracklisting for the album is as follows:

01. Success
02. Memory Serves
03. Summer Well
04. Lights
05. Barricade
06. Always Malaise (The Man I Am)
07. Safe Without
08. Try It On
09. All Of The Ways
10. The Undoing

From James Long.


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