New Kanye West Single And Video.

Naturally, there’s huge hype surrounding Kanye West’s every move. Luckily he generally justifies it, and once again he’s impressed with this brand new song ‘See Me Now’. This, the second song revealed from his upcoming fifth album features Beyonce and Charlie Wilson and once again indicates he’s reverting to his College Dropout style of production with a soulful feel and lots of vocal cuts in the track. His rhyming is clever and funny as per usual standards including “I’m Socrates but my skin more chocolatey”. In other Kanye news, the ever humble superstar has released the video for single ‘Power’ which appears to depict him as some kind of religious figure, in a short yet excellent video directed by Marco Brambilla. Check out the video, and the new single, below.

Kanye West – See Me Now (Ft. Beyonce and Charlie Wilson)

From Oli.

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