Liam Bailey.

I have never really considered Nottingham a place to discover fresh and exciting musical talent, and so when told about this soul singer from Beeston I took immediate interest. Liam Bailey is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter with a stripped back acoustic blues vibe. He possesses a gravelly voice and a quite superb Afro, giving him the look and sound of an artist from the past. Such a retro soul act is nothing new, at least in the case of British female artists(Amy Winehouse, Duffy et al). However, its fair to say that putting aside the likes of Raphael Saadiq, a male take on the 50’s soul singer revival is more of a rarity, and in this respect Liam is indeed refreshing. His talent for writing and performing heartfelt and intimate pieces of music is displayed in much of the material posted on his Myspace (, which provide more than enough reason to catch him at one of his upcoming London shows.

From Daniel Rothman


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