Something Simple.

Very rarely does a new funk band emerge with a sound so uplifting and groove-filled that you find yourself utterly compelled to listen. This is because most funk bands that do exist are in the most part, exceptionally average. It is for this reason that Funk and Jazz bands are often left out of the lime light, with a tendency to be somewhat… well, dull.

This being the case, for a funk or jazz band to truly stand out (at least in my eyes), they must be very, very good. Something Simple, a London based 8-piece are indeed that good, so good in fact that I was compelled not just to listen but also to write this very piece on them. Clearly heavily influenced by the likes of Jamiroquai and Fat Freddy’s Drop, Something Simple combine excellent jazz musicianship with catchy hooks and beats. This formula proves very successful in producing great sounding funk music, held perfectly together by the smooth vocal styling of the bands lead singer Callum Monaghan.

Something Simple whilst perhaps not breaking any musical boundaries, are a tight and feel-good musical outfit. I imagine it was these very attributes that earned them a place at this years Glastonbury festival, where they also spent time shooting a video for their single ‘Runaway’. So if you are looking for a funk band to groove too… I’d look no further.

From Daniel Rothman.

Sucking Lemons.


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