Lemon Sessions: Ideals.

Ideals have been working hard in recent times to enhance their chances of receiving more deserved acclaim; and for new, upcoming bands, the big imperative step at the very start of the project that requires immense effort, just to put your band on the map seems well in the past, as they now look for bigger things.

With a respectable fan base that is ever increasing and the drive behind the band’s want to succeed you can’t help but foresee a prosperous future for the lads. This of course, is without even mentioning the grand sound Ideals are consistently developing and producing with high quality tracks such as ‘Lungs’, and ‘Forever Leisure’. Amongst a ray of other things including some hardcore touring, time now plays a crucial role for the bands success, as a handful of their songs could easily fall into the average iTunes account with a respectful amount of plays.

We had the pleasure of meeting the band  for an intimate ‘Lemon Session’ in their tour van, before they took to the stage at our Sucking Lemons Presents gig.

Here is ‘Lady In The Radiator’ and ‘Forever Leisure’ performed acoustically by Andrew and Matt.

From Richard.

Sucking Lemons.

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