Video Round Up.

Röyksopp – The Drug

Directed by Noel Paul and Stefan Moore, the new Röyksopp video for single ‘The Drug’ (taken from new album Senior) sees three expressionless teenage girls with airbrushed T-shirts and big hair tied up in scrunchies make their way around a post-apocalyptic cityscape that could have taken straight out of ‘28 Days Later’ or ‘I Am Legend’. Stumbling across skulls, some disfigured strangers, and being attacked makes for unsettling viewing. There is no clear storyline to the video (except the words ‘after the upheaval’ suggesting the aftermath of a disaster) which makes it that much more sinister and leaves you to make your own interpretations. The striking imagery complements the minimalist electronics of the track with perfection making this video all the more compelling.

Weezer – Memories

The first single taken from recently-released and altogether enjoyable new Weezer album Hurley is a punk-pop trip down memory lane and the video is fittingly nostalgic with home-movie-style camera work and various people joining to sing with Rivers Cuomo. As this video doubles for a promo for new Jackass 3D movie (and includes various clips) those people also happen to be the Jackass crew including Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Wee-Man.

Darwin Deez – Constellations

Everyone’s favourite Indie-pop oddball, Darwin Deez, returns with video for ‘Constellations’, a re-release from his self-titled debut. Like the man himself, the video is delightfully eccentric with Darwin Deez playing the presenter of space-orientated television program.

From James Smyllie.

Sucking Lemons.


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