Little Comets.

Although Little Comets are known by their fans for jaunty tunes and guerilla gigging antics (check the bakery isle of your local M&S) this song is something different. Their scope is now wider than stories of nights out on the cobbles.

‘Isles’ is a song set out to try and capture the frustration of many of this countries inhabitants and it does, hammering the point home with it’s sheer craftsmanship – the guitars are fraught and edgy, the drums bold, and the whole atmosphere brooding. Built from the track’s tempo to the final touches of strings and smashed glass samples, everything combines to create what can only be described as epic. And this is exactly how the frustration should sound. On top of this almost groove-like backdrop sits lyrics describing the suppressed anger and depression that sits with many of “Broken” Britain’s population. From the chanting hook that carries the songs title to the couplets “terribly bold we try so hard, we’ll never look up to see the stars” every line sticks in your head and every line is equally compelling.

This pop song is pinpoint accurate and perfect in its execution. This is what pop music can be in the right hands, by taking current and bleak subject matter the band create something vibrant and important.
It is released on October the 18th. Buy it.

From Joe Jezard.

Sucking Lemons.


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