Live: Everything Everything. The Bodega, Nottingham. 8/10.

In a packed out Bodega Social Club in Nottingham, I waited amongst an excitable crowd to see a band that has simply exploded into the limelight within a matter of months. Everything Everything have taken the UK music scene by storm upon releasing their debut album Man Alive. Their debut effort really has it all; catchy tunes, nifty guitar riffs and bizarre lyricism – I quote “Who’s gonna sit on your face when I’m gone”.  Their speedy rise to indie pop glory is reminiscent to that of Vampire Weekend’s, and was put perfectly into context when bassist Jeremy explained that their last show at the Bodega was in front of just “twelve people”.

However, with such great excitement, also comes a great responsibility for that band to impress live.  Starting with album highlight ‘Leave The Engine Room’ it seemed almost inevitable that they would more than meet my high expectations. The singles ‘Schoolin’ ‘ and ‘MY KZ UR BF’ were met by sheer pandemonium (I will admit singing along too), and lead singer Jonathan seemed genuinely overwhelmed by the crowd’s warm reception.  Upon re-emerging on stage for an encore, Jonathan gave a quick nod to the very impressive warm up band Dutch Uncles, before launching into ‘Photoshop Handsome’.

In all Everything Everything proved to be a great live band, with my only criticism being a slight overall lack of attitude. What I mean by that is that perhaps they don’t stray far enough from what is a very clean and commercial image. Nevertheless, their excellent song writing ability is given full justice on stage, and that’s plenty good enough for me.


From Daniel Rothman.

Sucking Lemons.

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