Live: I Blame Coco. 14/10. Foundry And Fusion, Sheffield. 6/10.

Livewire Thursdays at the Sheffield Uni Student Union: where the indie kinds congregate for some live music. The transition from the club night’s alt music (Julian Casablancas to Phoenix), to Coco Sumner’s choices was like a journey to a steamy club in Jamaica. She chose some old school reggae which appeared an ode to her dad, Sting’s, glistening career. But now it was her turn, emerging and signalling the crowd to turn the volume up. Everyone duly hooted as she played the first song, her latest single ‘In Spirit Golden’. It got the kind of response that a newly publicised track gets: a bit of jumping and jiving but awaiting for the familiar, which is what they got. ‘Self machine’ had the crowd singing along, and Coco herself had that grin that a new artist gets when they become aware that people are recognising them for their music. Unleashing some epic dance moves consisting of the hip swinging and finger clicking  as she interacted with her guitarist, her voice sounded amazing live: as close to the recorded experience as possible.

Midway through set she played a slower song called ‘Ritalin’ which again sounded amazing, but Coco, who appears a naturally introverted character in interviews, interacts with the crowd best when the songs are faster and she looks likes she’s having a great time. Having said that, the song created a nice interval for all the lovers in the crowd to have a kiss ‘n’ cuddle before she ascended to my favourite song of the set ‘Please Rewind’. An album track, no one had heard it before in the crowd but with its intrinsic energy coupled with Coco’s riling up of the crowd it was the song of the night.

With her beer in tow, and more electro pop madness with songs like ‘Turn Your Back on Love’ she closed with her another single ‘Caesar’ which was a crowd pleaser ending with woots, whistles and faint cries for an encore.

Her set was short, sweet and promising only suffering from the unfamiliarity of her songs. With a little more maturity as a live artist I’m sure her set will be great. Asking her to be like Sting is an unfair task because they are different artists, but her dad will be proud to know that Coco is representing the Sumner name to the best of her ability.


From Michelle Kambasha.



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