Mystery Jets. Nottingham Trent Student Union. 6/11/10. 8.5/10.

When the indie 5-piece found themselves in Nottingham earlier this year, headlining Dot to Dot Festival, they previewed tracks from up and coming album Serotonin.  Since then, the album has been released, and for me, is their strongest set of songs yet and has been one of my most played albums of this year. Thus it was with great excitement that I greeted their return to Nottingham and they completely exceeded any expectations.

They opened the show with ‘Alice Springs’, which is fittingly the opening track from Serotonin and then launched into ‘Half In Love With Elizabeth’.

On the whole the best moments of the nights came from the latest album. ‘Serotonin’, ‘Flash A Hungry Smile’ and ‘Dreaming Of Another World’ all received a triumphant reception with the crowd pulling shapes and singing every word. Current single ‘Show Me The Light’ was especially memorable, with it’s infectious melody and dance-pop sensibility transcending effortlessly to an exciting live environment and providing the perfect encore song. However it was their collaboration with The Count & Sinden, ‘After Dark’, that really cranked proceeding up a notch whipping the crowd into a whole new level of elated hysteria. Slick synths seemed to sneak in from nowhere transforming the room into a carnival of disco-psychedelia. proving that their music belongs just as much on the dance-floor as a packed indie gig.

The more tender moments, such as hand-swaying accompanied ‘Flakes’, were just as affecting with Blaine Harrison’s rich vocals filling the entire room. Favourites from second album ‘Two Doors Down’ and ‘Young Love’ were also crowd-pleasers.

What lifted the experience above other gigs I’ve been to recently was how much enjoyment band themselves got out of performing with each other, and for us.  They were there to entertain and that is totally what they did putting on a most brilliant show.


From James Smyllie.

Sucking Lemons.

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