Video Round Up.

Best Coast – Boyfriend

For many, Best Coast’s album Crazy For You provided perfect listening for the summer months, so it’s only fitting that the video is a story of teenage summer love. The video perfectly complements the lyrics of the song and sees the young couple fall for each other at the girl’s Quinceañera party (a special party held on a girl’s fifteenth birthday in Latin American culture), where the band provides the music. It is a simple video that is beautifully executed.

Hurts – Stay With Me

With their video for current single ‘Stay With Me’ Hurts are likely to continue dividing opinion. Those who relish in their attention to detail and flair for the gloomy will enjoy the monochrome colour palate and simple but stunning choreography and styling of the backing dancers. However there will be just as many people who will choose to avoid the melodrama and excess of longing gazes. The song itself felt lost among the numerous ballads that occupy Happiness, but is more memorable now that it’s been singled out.

Robyn – Indestructible

The video for Robyn’s new single ‘Indestructible’ is as intense as the song itself and manages to be sexual without being explicit. The video shows various couples making love in reverse. Robyn herself wears a piece of body architecture designed by Australian artist Lucy McRae which consists of various tubes that wound around her body within which coloured fluid flows. The fluid changes colour throughout the song and seems to do so in sync with the intensity of the song and the visuals, almost like a mood ring for the whole body. An original video that never let’s go of your attention, this is the first time that one of Robyn’s videos have matched the creativity of her music.

N.E.R.D. – Hypnotize You

Kanye may be the biggest ego in Hip Hop, but as this video reminds us, Pharrell Williams isn’t far behind. The video sees Pharrell entrancing a following of beautiful models with his charms and good looks declaring that “If I’m not beside you, I’m inside you”. The song itself is laidback musical seduction and although the video comes across as a bit of a vanity project there’s no denying that it captures the mood of the song.

From James Smyllie.


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