New Mona.

I hate being narrow minded and making blatantly obvious comparisons in reviews, but this time I just can’t help it, so I apologise in advance. When listening to new Mona track ‘Trouble On The Way’, all that keeps popping into my head other than ‘shit, this is cool’ is, ‘these guys really remind me of how Kings of Leon used to be’. They’ve got that southern rock sound that made KoL so popular when they first broke out. Mona smashed it out of the park with ‘Listen To Your Love’ and they’ve done it again with ‘Trouble On The Way’. They’ve got the loud, uncontrolled drums, the spiky lead guitar contrasted with grinding rhythms and the thing that most strongly draws the KoL comparison are the vocals.

After listening to the track several times, there will still be some lyrics you won’t quite be able to place and that’s the mystery of music, the fun of music. You’re left wondering and to a degree having to place your own idea of the lyrics. That’s the awesomeness of music, it comes across differently to every listener. The track is short and sharp and guaranteed to bring Mona raised interest from critics and punters alike. Go out of your way to catch them on their upcoming UK tour. Yeah they may sound like the Kings of Leon, but I’d bite your fucking hand off if you offered me ‘Trouble On The Way’ over whatever drivel those stadium rockers are writing these days!

As an added extra, Mona have put together their own reworking of Beach House’s floaty track, ‘Walk In The Park’ and turned into their own riffing power house! You can download the track free from SondCloud, just head over to:

From Rhys Morgan.

Sucking Lemons.


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