Lemon Sessions: Dry The River

Gaining a lot of deserved attention recently are London based band Dry The River, consisting of: Pete Liddle (vocals, guitar), Matt Taylor (guitar), Scott Miller (bass), Will Harvey (violin), Jon Warren (drums).

This is a band that has something special. Vocally they stand very strong, with soft yet powerfully controlled vocals from front man Pete Liddle. He extracts a certain vulnerability and honesty from his voice, whilst backing vocals from Matthew and Scott string together simple yet beautifully constructed harmonies.  Their songs demonstrate a reoccurring pattern, often starting with softly picked acoustic guitar introducing the rest of the band roughly around the one minute mark, which shows off their ability to write a well structured track.

I was lucky on this occasion to take a two minute stroll round the corner to Northampton’s Labour Club, to record a special ‘Lemon Session’ before seeing them live at this tiny yet massively charismatic venue. The band played an old favourite, ‘History Book’.

From Richard.

Sucking Lemons.


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