Morning Parade Competition.

Morning Parade are one of the handful of bands really making waves at the start of this year, tipped by many to make it big in 2011. With a sound that aims to fill stadiums and have people singing along, tracks like ‘Marble Attic’ have been drawing comparisons to indie giants Coldplay and Stereophonics, whilst it’s noted that they offer a more electronic influenced sound. Energetic, dynamic and anthemic are all words that spring tonight when listening to their songs, latest single ‘A&E’ aiming very high indeed, with a fast pace and huge sounding guitars. “We have a rule,” they say. “Whenever we write something, we ask ourselves, ‘Can you see 100,000 people singing this back to you?’ If not, we get rid of it. We want to be huge.” That pretty much sums them up, and chances are mainstream success will come their way if they keep putting out songs as strong as those I’ve heard so far.

Check them out:


We’ve got our hands on a pair of tickets to see them next Friday at Horatio’s in Brighton for the Skins tour. For your chance to win them simply comment on this post and we’ll let you know if you’ve won!

From Oli.

Sucking Lemons.


6 responses to “Morning Parade Competition.

  1. this is quality!!!

  2. Never heard of these guys before, and now can’t understand why.
    Such a good tune. My new ‘getting ready’ song!
    So bouncy love it xo

  3. Top band, need tickets for brighton!!!

  4. Oh please, I sooo want to got o that gig!!!

  5. Check out their official video for A&E, be great if you could post it.

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