The Sounds Album Details.

Something To Die For will be the fourth LP from the Swedish new-wave/synth-pop-punk outfit The Sounds and is due for release on March 29th. What makes The Sounds more than just another group of 80s revivalists is the bratty attitude of lead singer Maja Ivarsson who effortlessly exudes enough charisma to make even their disappointing third album, 2009’s Crossing The Rubicon, just about memorable. Their third effort sadly lacked the charm and pop sensibility of their hook-laiden second album, and career highpoint, Dying To Say To You which sprung their most established singles ‘Painted By Numbers’ and ‘Tony The Beat’. The 5-piece thankfully seem to have regained their spark with first single ‘Better Of Dead’, which leans to the more electro-pop side of new wave. Also, check out ‘Something To Die For’, which is also taken from the upcoming album.

The track listing for Something To Die For is as follows:

1. It’s So Easy
2. Dance With The Devil
3. The No No Song
4. Better Off Dead
5. Diana
6. Something To Die For
7. Yeah Yeah Yeah
8. Won’t Let Them Tear Us Apart
9. The Best Of Me
10. Wish You Were Here

From James Smyllie.

Sucking Lemons.

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