Video Round Up.

Kanye West – All Of The Lights

In keeping with the song’s title, the Hype Williams directed video for Kanye West’s ‘All Of The Lights’ is a blinding frenzy of strobe lighting, neon texts and fluorescence, and features Kanye rapping, with a police car as his platform. The track, which was always the obvious choice for a single,  features Kid Cudi and the ever-striking Rihanna, whose electrifying red locks and girly attitude just eat up the camera. In addition, backing vocals are provided by an all-star ensemble of Fergie, Charlie Wilson, John Legend, Tony Williams, Alicia Keys, La Roux, The Dream, Ryan Leslie, Alvin Fields and Ken Lewis.

Cut Copy – Need You Now

‘Need You Now’, the opening song from Zonoscope, is also the best track from Cut Copy’s latest offering, and may even be their best track to date. Luckily the track doesn’t suffer too badly from the notorious ‘single-edit’ which in this case chops off 2 minutes from the 6 minute album version. However there’s no denying that the climax of the song loses some of its impact with a shorter build-up. The video is suitably off-the-wall featuring a variety of different sport professionals running in slow motion, posing for moving portaits, and then breaking into a fight with axes, swords and maces all used in something reminiscent of Anchorman. Although the song is enjoyably strange one can’t help but think that something more spectacular could have been done for the video.

Yeasayer – I Remember

Another equally off-the-wall video was made as a Valentine’s Day treat, courtesy of Yeasayer, for track ‘I Remember’, an ambient piece of electro-indie from last years brilliant Odd Blood. The video tells the love story between a motobike riding Hulk Hogan look-alike and a mysterious woman in a scenario inspired by the cringe-fest that was Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’ video.

Bright Eyes – Shell Games

Conor Oberst keeps it simple in the video for ‘Shell Games’ with him and his band jamming in a woodland cabin before venturing into the snow and playing next to a roaring bonfire. The song itself is the first single to be lifted from The People’s Key and is an uplifting mixture of melodic hooks, guitars and synths.

From James Smyllie.

Sucking Lemons.

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