There are countless bands on the music scene today that look as though they have been plucked straight out of 1960’s California, and Kassidy certainly follow the trend. These Scottish alt. rockers, who have recently been picked up by the label Vertigo, come complete with long hair, matted beards and velvet blazers galore. It’s fair to say many have become tiresome with the vintage Americana style, and quite rightly so. But Kassidy look like the genuine article, and most importantly, they sound the real deal too.

For what Kassidy lack in a unique image, they more than make up for with their very different musical set up. Stripped way back to the bone, Kassidy perform live with just four guitars, four vocals, and nothing more. The resulting sound is one of atmospheric harmonies, floaty strumming patterns and epic choruses (check out ‘Take Another Ride’). The band is tipped for very big things, and they are currently touring the UK.

On a final note, it is often said that any band or artist capable of covering a great track and imprinting their own style upon it possess a great deal of musical talent (something most Jeff Buckley fans will agree with). Kassidy’s cover of Adele’s recent smash hit release ‘Rolling in the Deep’, is a perfect example of how to cover a song correctly. So if you aren’t already excited about Kassidy, having listened to their original material, go and check it out this cover immediately. You will soon realize what all the fuss is about.

From Daniel Rothman.

Sucking Lemons.


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