Monument Valley.

Turning up on time to a gig never hurts anyone, and boy am I glad I did when seeing Dry the River in London, as I embarked upon an exciting little outfit called Monument Valley. Fronted by Ned younger, a young talented songwriter who shares tales of a troubled life so beautifully in his well crafted lyrics, his music has a sly resemblance to that of Nick Drake or the long forgotten Nizlopi.

Live, you can expect something a little different. It almost seems a closer experience to a poetry reading as opposed to a rock concert despite two electric guitars present on stage. But it’s the hushed attentive silence of that crowd that gives Ned the respect of his lyrics room for deliverance, and to encapsulate his audience so excellently.

‘B of the Bang’ being the stand out track of the debut EP (released late last year) demonstrates his abilities best. The track is accompanied by Mumford and Sons backing band and well known cellist Gregor Ridell giving the song even more colour.

You can download the debut EP here:

From Richard.

Sucking Lemons.

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