The recent news of a collaboration album between Hip hop maestro DOOM and Thom Yorke may seem a little surprising on the surface – but in reality it isn’t. DOOM and Yorke are two musicians who have proven unafraid of boundaries, constantly innovating and always evolving. So when I had the chance to see DOOM live, I could hardly contain my excitement.

DOOM has a reputation for being an unpredictable live musician; reports of large discrepancies in quality from one show to another are common. He’s been known to use imposters in his place and to give lackluster performances when it is actually him. Any doubts I had however were obliterated within half a minute of him being on stage. In his signature mask, he began his set with the brilliant ‘Accordion’ off his Madvillain project before moving onto his MF DOOM material. For an hour the audience was captivated and in awe of a performer who is undoubtedly one of the most talented men in Hip hop. His quirky sense of humour and audience interaction was charming, not to mention his impeccable live flow.

Picked by Portishead to perform at the ATP: I’ll Be Your Mirror event in London in late July, DOOM is set for big things on British soil. Don’t miss him.

From Louis Rankin.

Louis Rankin is one of our Australian based writers

Sucking Lemons.

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