Long Long Long

Canada’s Long Long Long are the remnants of York Redoubt, whose demise was kind of precipitated by the fact that no-one had heard of them. You’ve probably not heard of Long Long Long either (we’ll call them LLL from now on for brevity’s sake), but you bloody well should’ve. Sounding a bit less serious and a tad more surfy than your average Canadians, it’s all about the hooks with LLL; newest tracks ‘Take Time’ and ‘To Be Alone’ showcase this perfectly, the sweetly lilting guitar intro’s leading on to roughly-hewn harmonies that sound a little bit quirky, a little bit noisy, a little bit like a super-hyper Vampire Weekend. Or a punky Beach Boys crossed with Sleigh Bells if they weren’t so concerned with smashing the tits off of every amp they use. Like musical martyrs, LLL are still generous enough to give away their tracks for free, so you should probably get on that. Listen to ‘To Be Alone’ below:



From Joe Abbitt


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