Tashaki Miyaki

I would love to tell you the origins of Tashaki Miyaki, and lots more beside, but to be honest the name is about all the information we, and seemingly everyone else has at the moment.  What I can tell you however, is that the two tracks that have surfaced thus far from this mysterious artist are rather splendid.  ‘Somethin Is Better Than Nothin’ is a brilliant slice of fuzzy, jangly, sugary sweet pop while the other track that is currently available ‘All I Have To Do Is Dream’ is a quite stunning cover of the Everly Brothers classic; polished and dreamy with silky smooth vocals and some gloriously distorted guitars.  Whoever Tashaki Miyaki is/are, can we have some more please?

Both tracks are available from Tashaki Miyaki’s bandcamp:


From Alex Walker


One response to “Tashaki Miyaki

  1. brilliant.

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