Magic Kids.

There’s something about sweet and innocent music that really hits home at this time of year. Maybe it’s the sound of the beginning of summer. Maybe it’s just me. Anyways, crafting some of this sweet and innocent music is Memphis’ Magic Kids, a band not exactly notable for their originality, but superb all the same.

Last year saw them release their debut album Memphis, an eleven track offering of sub-three minute pop gems, bouncy and happy in all the right places, and while you’d be well within your rights to raise your eyebrows at the heavily Beach Boys influenced offerings from America’s shores of late, this Tennessee lot do more than just rip off the sounds of Cali’s beaches. Take the likes of ‘Superball’, a track made all the more interesting for the infusion of retro synths and brass parps beefing up the classic surf-y guitars. Elsewhere, the band capture that innocent pop sensibility and tie it right up with the likes of ‘Hey Boy’, ‘Good To Be’ and ‘Skateland’.

Magic Kids’ debut album Memphis is available to listen on Spotify, but check out “Hey Boy” through the link below:

From Joe Abbitt

Sucking Lemons


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