New Carl Barat.

It’s been an odd future for Carl Barat since The Libertines split of 2004. Rollicking around in Dirty Pretty Things apparently got a bit sickening after a while, The Chavs didn’t exactly take off and last year’s self-titled solo record never really recaptured those heady heights of the decade’s early years. Of course, last year did play host to the small matter of those Libs reunion shows at Reading and Leeds. The point is, though, that Carl has always seemed to be destined to reproduce those moments of beauty, destructive as they might have been, that so swathed the two Libertines records.

‘This is the Song’ is that piece of beauty. No, it’s not some Elton John indebted piano dirge. But it is a sparse, piano-led beauty all the same. Carl’s voice takes a step away from the crooner of his solo album and moves back towards his trademark charming, crooked and cockney drawl. Lyrically, it doesn’t seem too difficult to tell who this is aimed at, though it’s sang with a welcoming ambiguity sometimes cringingly absent in the post-Libs work of Doherty and Barat. The refrain of “he’s gonna get his fucking head kicked in / he’s gonna die in a fucking loony bin, darling” is eerie and haunting, strangled by the intense screeching in the background, and is miles deeper than anything Pete’s put out in a while.

The track is set to feature on Carl’s new Death Fires Burn At Night EP, to be released in May. Listen to ‘This is the Song’ through the link below:

From Joe Abbitt.

Sucking Lemons. 


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