Five a Day: Das Racist.

Today sees the launch of a new feature for Sucking Lemons. We’ll be getting artists to write about 5 albums they love to give us a little extra insight into their minds. ‘Five a Day’ kicks off with a list from Heems of the excellent Das Racist. He’s a busy man, but he’s managed to concisely describe why these five records hit the spot, which, for a hipster rapper, are quite unexpected:

TelevisionMarquee Moon.
This is New York. This is punk. This is poetry. This is swag.

The Stone RosesS/T.
This is British rock and roll. They’re not afraid to use guitars. The words are SMART too.

The WrensMeadowlands.
This is heartbreak. These words hurt too.

DovesSome Cities.
‘Walk In Fire’, ‘Sky Starts Falling’ and ‘Almost Forgot Myself’ all go hard.

Sufjan StevensAge of Adz.
Sufjan got all bleep beep boop with his sadness and made a pretty album.

Listen to Das Racist:


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