Five a Day: A Dancing Beggar.

Ambient producer A Dancing Beggar talks to us about his five favourite LPs.

Talk Talk Spirit of Eden

I love the improvisational feel of this record, and the way that all these separate sounds sometimes climax to make the most brilliant riff, just for a brief time. The piano sounds so fresh and the vocals are perfect. Amazing to think this was made over twenty years ago, it’s definitely inspired a lot of alternative music over the last two decades.

Godspeed You! Black EmperorF♯A♯∞

This was the first album to make me rethink how music was written and produced. Up until then I’d mainly listened to albums that had 10 or 11 tracks with verses and choruses, and then I listened to this. 3 tracks spanning over an hour – spoken word, violins, no choruses – just absolute drama. This was the first record that made me think how this sort of music can evoke emotions and really play with the listeners imagination. To a lot of people, this would be a difficult album to listen to but for me, it made perfect sense.

Yo La Tengo I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One

There are a lot of songs on this record, all of them sound different but the album as a whole still has such a distinct sound. ‘Green Arrow’ is by far one of my favourite guitar based songs, the sample fits the track perfectly and you can get completely lost in it. ‘The Lie’ and ‘How We Told It’ has the most beautiful vocal track, so chilled out but still has so much energy.

Epic45May Your Heart Be The Map

To me, this seems to sum up the best of alternative British music. The album is full of crackly homegrown samples, delicate guitar and fragile vocals. It’s roots lie firmly in rural village life and I have such a connection with this record. Their back catalogue speaks for itself and I could listen to this album forever and never tire of it.

Jonsi and AlexRiceboy Sleeps

I like Sigur Ros but this is outrageous. It sounds like such a personal record, written without a care in the world. It’s the subtle sounds and textures within this album that make me pay careful attention to the use of samples in my music. I think this is one of the rare occasions where visuals and sounds work together in complete harmony.

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