Five a Day: Kindest Lines.

New Orleans synth band Kindest Lines give us an insight into their five favourite albums.

Sonic YouthDirty

Daydream Nation is the one everyone name drops, but for me Dirty does the job. The album is insanely perfect! I got it in my early teens and was blown away by all the noises and unconventional guitar playing being used in, what I consider, pop songs. This album is one of the top 5 reasons I wanted a Fender Jazzmaster, which is now my main guitar. It also taught me the value of playing under the bridge and the value of “do whatever the fuck you want no matter what anyone tells you!” And if anyone has my old SY tee with the popsicle, please return it!

The CureKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
I grew up in Luling, Louisiana, which is near New Orleans and this album sounds like summertime in a swamp area to me. Everytime I listen to it, I remember my older cousins, that lived with me, obsessing over Robert Smith while i was skateboarding with Justin on concrete roads surrounded by willow trees and moss. Now when I listen to it, I remember how it felt to live in a little cajun town and dream of escaping to the city that was only 50 miles away. Plus ‘Just Like Heaven’ was the first song I figured out how to play on my own on every instrument, except for drums….I stay away from those!

The Fantastic OozeFusion Snakes

I always hate my friends’ bands and if you’re my friend reading this, you are not shocked. Not this one, though! My old band, The Public, used to play with these guys all the time and I think I saw every live show they ever did. I would get horribly drunk at every show and do backup vocals on ‘In Your Brain’ with Emily (the singer David Fransen’s little sister and Mario, the man!). These kids didn’t give a shit what anyone thought and that’s what made them great. I’m sure somewhere on the internet you can find my favorite song, ‘Craters in the Jet Stream of Joy,’ which features the genius lyric, “Magic pencil keeps me drawing kangaroos.”

MagazineThe Correct Use of Soap
Ok I love Howard Devoto and all, but John Mcgeough was a true genius. It’s because of guitarists like him, that if I’m not heavily modulated, it just doesn’t sound right. The man hit the wrong perfect notes and to me is the jazz version of a “punk” guitarist. Every track, musically, seems to be performed with such cocksure arrogance behind lyrics that are as self-depracating as they come. Plus you get Dave Formula switching between a piano, organ and analog synth…mind blowing!

Frank (Just Frank)The Brutal Wave
I’m not putting this down to give our label, Wierd Records, a shout out. This album is so good it almost angers me! These two kids managed to perfectly blend conventional guitar and bass with synths like others have only dreamed of. The guitar and bass playing are so tight that it almost seems that it’s being performed by robots…that live in France(haha). At some points you feel like you’re listening to a super group with Peter Buck and Peter Hook. They also get extra points for the album cover and title, they chose to make their own genre….the balls!

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