Fresh: Abigail Washburn.

Introducing Abigail Washburn; formally married to Bela Fleck, Abigail progresses on her solo work after previous projects, The Sparrow Quartet and Uncle Earl.

The master of banjo demonstrates impeccable bluegrass, portraying the roots of folk in her latest record ‘City of Refuge’ co-written by Kai Welch. The record see’s Abigail at her finest; deploying both truth and knowledge into a record that contains East Asian instruments, horns and of course the pick heavy banjo in one of the most explorative records this year. Abigail’s ability on banjo stands tall on the record sucking listeners in to quality of bluegrass that she has on offer, delivering catchy choral melodies that you hear so rarely in folk pop today.

Whilst keeping jump-folk and nu-folk aside, Abigail Washburn’s efforts seem the closest that push towards the ‘pop’ genre borderline whilst maintaining the heart of folk,  a quality that’s been grabbing her more and more attention this year and will inevitably see her approach the 2011 end of year lists.

From Richard.

Sucking Lemons.


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