Interview: Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

We caught up with rising singer songwriter Benjamin Francis Leftwich in Nottingham at this year’s Dot to Dot festival, and asked him a few questions. Check it out:

How’s it going?

Yeah very good thanks

Is there anyone in the line up today at Dot to Dot fest that you’re looking to check out?

Na to be honest man we haven’t really had time to check anyone out. We’ve just been gigging and driving straight back to the hotel and straight home or whatever so haven’t really had the chance, but I’d quite like to see Ed Sheeran at some point.

Your debut album, ‘Last Smoke Before the Storm’ is out on the fourth of July. What can fans expect from this album; is it much the same as your last E.P?

I guess it’s going to be the same as its acoustic guitar based, but I think it’s a slight progression as well because a couple of tracks I’ve had the band on, bit more of a sonic arrangement, couple with strings .

You’ve worked with Ian Grimble, who’s produced the album. What kind of effect do you feel he’s had on the record?

Yeah man I think he’s had a real positive effect. He’s a really creative producer and has a lot of ideas with sounds and ideas for songs, it was great to work with him, he had a real positive influence on the album

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

I’d say Id really like to do a collaboration with Mike Skinner from The Streets because I think he’s amazing lyricist and a really good song writer. I really really love his stuff.

What does the future hold for Benjamin Francis Leftwich?

Just touring really. I’ve got an Irish tour coming out and then we’re going to Europe for a little bit then America for a little bit, and doing a big tour in the UK in October.

Is there a festival in particular this summer that you’re looking forward to?

Yeah Glastonbury, Bestival, and Summer Sundae.

And finally, when life gives you lemons…

Make a pancake!

From Richard.

Sucking Lemons.


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