Five a Day: The Darlingtons.

Broody rockers The Darlingtons talk us through their five favourite albums.

The NationalHigh Violet

This hasn’t been off our stereo for months now, it’s on on pretty much every car journey to a gig. It’s got real depth and feeling, every track gets under your skin and just becomes impossible to forget. Their lyrics hint towards stories/situations but don’t give too much away… it’s all about the expressionism. Their slow burning approach to their creativity and career is really refreshing in the current ‘I want it all, and now’ music scene.

The HorrorsPrimary Colours

You know a band mean business when they build their own guitar pedals. The guitar sounds on the album create a new dimension which a lot of other albums don’t create. The mix between the blistering scuzzy tracks and kraut slow burners give the whole thing a real vibrancy. ‘Sea Within A Sea’ is such a blistering few minutes.

Sigor RosTakk

It doesn’t matter that no one can understand the lyrics because the music is so expressive. ‘Glosoli’ is definitely the key track – the dynamics create this huge build up – as you can probably tell, we love huge, emotional build ups.

Toots and the MaytalsSweet and Dandy

Every song is good, all killer no filler! Ultimate feel good album – important to note relevance of uplifting music in the time the songs were written (1964-1974). I like how the first and last track are linked – almost the same lyrics, same instrumental, in ’54-46′ and ’54-48′. Due to the time the album was recorded it has a very pure and rough sound to it which I like. Every song is catchy and has that singalong-quality. Favourite song is definitely ‘Bla Bla Bla’.

The Velvet Underground & Nico S/T

My Dad has this on vinyl and a year or so ago I went into the local record shop and saw another VU and Nico vinyl, except the banana wasn’t a sticker. I said that the one at my house actually peeled off. Apparently this means they are rare. Unfortunately I ripped off bits of the banana sticker as a little child.

This album gave way to a whole array of alternative, shoe-gaze and art-rock music. However, tracks like ‘Run Run Run’ and ‘I’m Waiting For The Man’ have a real steady rock’n’roll drive, which I love. The violins and drones in ‘Venus In Furs’ are so dark and still sound unusual in popular music. This album has beautifully lasted the test of time, if anything it’s become more rich with it.

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