Live: Stagecoach. Northampton Labour Club. 8.5/10.

Back to the legendary Labour Club in Northampton I go, to see a bands highly expressive sound and quality confined to the relatively small yet comforting boundaries of the Labour Club. Stagecoach, who brought skimpy red shorts and aluminous headbands are in the midst of a UK tour, having already approached some of the lesser known locations across the country before stationing themselves in Northampton to play to a respectably sized crowd.

Arriving in position in an informal manner, opener ‘Hieroglyphics’ immediately drew a positive response from the crowd initiating an energetic atmosphere which was to be maintained throughout their entire set.  The entire band delivered a visual treat for the crowd with Tom Lewis transporting his mic and mandolin to the centre of the dance floor to shed some sweat in amongst the crowd. Whilst it was all fun and games, the guy was positively stacked from head to toe – almost essential to stay clear.

Recently released single ‘Jonah Lomu’ was unleashed shortly after its brother on the double A side ‘Tony Hawk’, which seemed the pinnacle of the night; as a steady group of hardcore’s congregated once more for a dance as close as they could possibly get to the stage without actually stepping foot on it.But it was treats like these that came natural to the band due to the nature of the cosy venue. Again, later we saw the return of captain muscle as he paced through the audience once more, only this time to share an intimate call and response behind the bar with the barmen – priceless.

Their grunge-pop seems to be landing well of late, boasting an eclectic mix of hollering hooks and distorted guitars which sits side by side with their vigorous live performance, no doubt. But have they got it on the locker to captivate bigger cords in the near future? Only time will tell, but for the mean time expect to be singing yippee on your journey home whilst being perplexed by the energetic delivery by Stagecoach – A live treat.


From Richard

Sucking Lemons

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