Five a Day: Guerre.

Rising Australian producer Guerre talks to us about his five favourite LPs, check it:

Arthur RussellWorld Of Echo

I don’t know how I found out about Arthur Russell. But when I first heard it I thought it was the future. And it still is. The sounds he got out of that cello are fucking untouchable. His use of echo and reverb is absolute genius. I break down every time I hear ‘Our Last Night Together’. And the way that cello washes over you in ‘Let’s Go Swimming’….complete bitter sweetness is achieved. There’s so much pain and beauty in this…and ultimately, undying hope. It’s the ghost record.

Jeff Buckley Grace

I cannot stress the undying love I have for Jeff Buckley. He was incredibly talented, that goes without saying, but he also had so much courage in him, just to do things different and tapping into the past. His cuts were so haunting. Dark beauty.

Alicia Keys The Element of Freedom

Each song is a pop gem. And Ms. Key’s voice could not be any sexier. The production is madness as well. Just a perfect combination of songwriting and producing.

Sigur RosÁgætis byrjun

The alien space rock record. This blew my mind the first I had heard it. Sonically perfect. I can cry myself to sleep with this, and also jump with joy to this record. I never felt so much space in an album before. The songs just take me into another plane.

Broken Social Scene You Forgot It In People

My oldest brother had a burnt copy of this on cd and it was filled with mystery. Just a blank cd with those words “You Forgot It In People” marked in thick sharpie pen. I thought I was the only one who knew about it. It felt so personal to me. It was the first time I had listened to anything outside of the mainstream really. And there was a really strong sense of it being Canadian. That whole scene, specifically the Arts and Crafts label just felt so local, whenever I think of Canada, I always think of those dudes. And the album itself is so tight, end to end. Each song has its own identity. It just had this incredible beauty and flow to it. I’ll never outgrow it, I’ll never stop going to it for inspiration. I hear something new every time I listen to it. It was bursting with this intense honesty. It’s my bedroom loner rock record.

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