Five A Day: Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

Massive new talent Benjamin Francis Leftwich talks us through his five favourite albums of all time.

Bruce Springstein– Nebraska

Some of it almost sounds like demo’s  in a really cool way. I think it’s just an acoustic guitar with a tiny bit of harmonica, but that’s why it’s an amazing record –  and lyrically it’s very captivating.

Arcade FireFuneral

The fact that it’s their debut and it’s such an amazing album. Very uplifting and a lot of energy to it.

Fleetwood MacRumours

I watched a documentary which showed what state they were in as a band when they were making that album. For me they were the best pop song writers in the world, an amazing record.

Ryan Adams Heartbreaker

Just because it’s such a raw sounding record and it sounds so true and natural, and the band stuff on it sounds very live and vibey. There’s a song called ‘Come Pick Me Up’ which is one of my favourite songs of all time.

David GrayWhite Ladder

Even though everyone knows about this record, he recorded it on the cheap and it’s an album that did amazingly well. The vocal performances combined with the strength of the music is really special.


One response to “Five A Day: Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

  1. This is great – he is totally awesome. We did an interview with him for our site!

    The Internet Garbage

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