Chris Laidler.

Oh no! I can’t describe Chris Laidler’s danceable music in a nutshell. You try. Is it some twisted strain of techno? A peculiar take on dubstep? Flying Lotus hooked on Carl Cox? Who knows. Whatever it is, I like it a lot. The Scottish 18-y-o wunderkind released Kaiju, his rampant enigma of a debut album, last month and as a result looks set to skyrocket out of the indistinct back-alleys of the blogosphere and zorb straight into the electro mainstream. The entire album is a pay-what-you-like thingymabob on bandcamp — an ineffable deal, you’ll have to agree. Its highlights kindly all do what they say on the tin — the throttling techno opener ‘DROIDS’ is rather otherworldly, the insanely miasmic brass-sampling ‘Jazzstep’ is jazzy and finale ‘Particle Soul With An 8-bit Heart’ is, well, you get the idea.. A simple command to conclude: grab the album quick before he really takes off.

From Huw Oliver

Sucking Lemons.

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