Five A Day: Braids.

Braids talk us through their five favourite albums of all time:

Miles Davis – Miles Smiles

I think on that record Ron Carter and Tony Williams really capture the essence of jazz music and what its suppose to be, like a primal interaction between musicians, and they do it in such a solid way that gives everyone in the rest of the group a lot of freedom to improvise freely and play exactly what they want. I think it’s a really open record and there’s so much fire and passion on it which so many records lack nowadays. I think a big part of that is the introduction to computers and the removal of actual human nature; and it’s a live record, in the studio, like one take per track. It’s just really really fiery.

Animal Collective – Feels

I love that record, I’m sure you can tell. When I discovered it for the first time it was kind of a right of passage that music could be that way, it’s kind of actualising a lot of the things I’ve heard in my head for years and emotions that I’d never really felt before that I always thought I could feel. It’s saying you can go ahead and do that, play music like that and have one hundred parts layered on top of one another and yet still have the vocal point; it’s very orchestral in that way. I mean if you listen to classical music there’s tonnes of instruments all at once yet you can always pick out the melody and animal collective are beautiful like that, they always create a lush environment yet the focus isn’t always there.

Buena Vista Social Club – Buena Vista Social Club

That record means a lot to me, growing up; It’s the soundtrack to my Sunday brunch that I had with my parents all the time, and just gives a really homey feeling. I think when rye coooda produced it he really captured the essence of Cuba and my dad knows a lot of Cubans that say ever since then Cuban music has been deteriorating, it’s becoming more north American and there isn’t really a good Afro-Cuban music scene anymore and that was one of the last to capture of the essence of Cuban music.

Talking heads – Remain In Light.

Another super textured record, with tonnes and tonne s of parts that once again my dad showed me, and again it was putting into play a lot of things I’ve been hearing in my head. I love the sort of loose yet super tight grooves that Tina Weymouth and the drummer from Talking Heads create. It’s a similar thing to Miles Smiles, they create these really deep pockets and these really chugging groves that there’s so much authority that everyone else can do what the hell they want on top. And I love David Byrnn’s vocals on that record.

Azeda Booth – In Flesh Tones.

This record screams friendship to me, and it was made by my friends in my home town too. The only thing left there for us is our friends, there’s not much of an art scene there which is why we moved away. Calgary is just a place of friends to us, and I loved how they produced it all themselves.

From Richard Mutimer

Sucking Lemons.

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