Interview: Pinkunoizu.


One of Denmark’s finest bands, Pinkunoizu, featured in our fresh section not more than one month ago. We liked them, and their Peep EP, quite a bit, so we asked some questions. They talk to us about go-karting, French writers and some crazy album plans:

Your name means ‘pink noise’ in Japanese. Can you tell us a bit more about where that came from?

It came from driving go-karts with some Vietnam vets in Idaho. There you could really feel the futuristic blow and the circular speed energy accumulating. The pink noise frequency specter made up a landscape of possibilities in which we felt the certainty of the band name.

You’ve cited Pavement as one of your biggest influences. What else inspires you from the worlds of art, music, t.v….?

I think basically everything makes up a sum of inspiration for us. Floating through this world, the digital one and the dream one, snatching ideas in a conscious or unconscious manner is what it’s all about. I’ve personally found direct inspiration from reading. That’s more comprehensible for me. Deleuze, Bataille, Céline and Baudrillard are some Frenchmen I like for instance.

Some of your tracks, like ‘Everything is broken or stolen’, sound as if they could go on forever (in the best possible way). Do you ever have trouble condensing a track down or is there always a clear idea in mind of the end product?

Some times we tend to play some long jammy passages that might be more fun to play, than to listen to. But hopefully it can be the other way around now and then. And hopefully some times the lengthiness is pleasing for both us and the audience. I don’t think length has been a problem for us, as in a real problem; usually it feels pretty natural when we play.

You released your debut UK release this year. Tell us a bit about that and why everyone should try their hardest to get hold of it.

It’s an EP titled ‘PEEP EP’. Three songs on there. If I hadn’t been involved making it, I think I would actually be really satisfied buying it and listening to it. It’s centered around a more layered and thick sound than what we do live. Not too noisy, but with a lot of exciting spatial dimensions on it.

Have you got any exciting plans lined up for the album release?

Yes! We’re gonna hijack a government helicopter and fly down to Syria and spread about all the LPs in Damascus and Aleppo. We’re excited to see if we can manage it.

You’re playing a one off gig in London at the end of November. Any plans for a UK tour?

We’ll be coming back to the UK in April to play, but we haven’t got the dates just yet.

Aside from your releasing your album, obviously, what are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

We are looking forward to recording the next album I would say.

And finally, when life gives you lemons…?

…you turn red on the inside.

From Joe Abbitt.

Sucking Lemons.


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