Five A Day: Stray Kites.

Stray Kites

Stray Kites‘ Junior Roseboro takes us on a journey through his five favourite albums:

House of Freaks Cakewalk

House of Freaks - Cakewalk

A fantastic record by a fantastic band. House of Freaks was a duo from Virginia. I like them because their music was really simple and catchy. The vocals were confident, but emotional and the way Bryan Harvey played guitar showed a lot of unique basslines, chords, and melodies that all fit together to make a great songs. This album also houses some interesting percussion and rhythms which inspire me to come and experiment with beats for something different in my songs.

Destroyer  – Kaputt

Destroyer - Kaputt

Like many, my first introduction to Dan Bejar’s music was informal. He was introduced to me through the indie supergroup The New Pornographers’ album Mass Romantic. Since then I’d always make sure to keep an eye on him. When Kaputt was released I downloaded it from mediafire… sad but true. It stayed in my ipod, just consuming space, until the song ‘Blue Eyes’ played on shuffle in the car. After that God blessed moment my love for Destroyer skyrocketed. Eventually bought it on vinyl too. Three cheers for ambient disco; three cheers for cryptic poetry over hypnotizing sax; and three cheers for revamped 80’s jazz fusion.

Heathers  – Here, Not There

Heathers - Here, Not There

This band is a duo as well. I really like the album because it’s full of high energy guitar, interesting lyrics, and great melodies and rhythms. Another Plan-It-X Records gem. They can really wail and their lyrics are catchy, but not corny. Cryptic? The band’s almost got a hint of poppyness to their sound; however, they’re solid in their folkpunk approach to it.

Dance Gavin Dance – Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance - Dance Gavin Dance

2008 was a quite a terrific year for music. Los Campesinos and Heathers came hard with their debuts, The Dodos with Visiter, Zach Hill’s Astrological Straits, and Parenthetical Girls with Entanglements. Dance Gavin Dance was no exception. They had just undergone a major lineup change losing their guitarist, Sean O’Sullivan, and vocalist, Jonny Craig. Even though he’s kind of over-rated in that genre of music it was kind of a big deal. Looking back it’s hard to say if this was their best record, but it definitely has the most passion, virtuoso, and wit.

The Dodos – Visiter

The Dodos - Visiter

I’m not writing on duos on purpose… they’re just truly talented. Much too often people will say things to us like “Oh, you sound like Noah and The Whale meets The Dodos meets Mumford and Sons.” They mean it as a complement and I do understand why they say it, but to be completely honest, we don’t particularly like Mumford and Sons or Noah and The Whale. On the other hand, The Dodos mean a great deal to me, specifically because it was lent to me by my very best friend. Full of jaw dropping beats, yelps, and fingerpicking. It’s really an A+ album and I’m forever grateful was recommended.

From Joe Abbitt.

Sucking Lemons.


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