Interview: Straylings.


We think Straylings have made one of the underground records of 2012 with their debut full-length Entertainment on Foreign Grounds. Naturally, we wanted to know a bit more, so they talk tours, t-shirts and tips for the year ahead.

You don’t seem to have done many interviews… Is that more of a conscious decision to keep a bit of secrecy?

It’s not so much about those things really. We haven’t done many at this stage, but I think just staying focused on what we’re doing musically is the main thing for us.

Are there any plans to go on tour proper in the UK soon?

Yes we’re making plans to do that soon after the album’s released. We’ll have to see what happens but initially we’re hoping to do some dates around the south…

How was your recent headline appearance at the Camden Barfly?

Really good thanks! It was wonderful to see that it sold out, also we got to ask some bands we know to support us, so we really enjoyed the music that night too.

Your album, Entertainment on Foreign Grounds, comes out on the 26th of March. What’s the story behind the girl on the front cover, and do either of you own the jacket behind her?

I guess there’s an intention for the story in the picture to be open to interpretation, but also to touch on some conflicting themes like freedom and aggression etc.  The girl’s a friend of ours though… she really just happened to be there when we were experimenting with cover art.  The shirt is Oli’s yes, it seemed to fit the aesthetic we were after. It has made a couple of appearances at our shows too..

Who are your tips to make it big this year?

We’ve been enjoying Buzzard Lope and Orlando Seale & The Swell recently – they’re great to see live… Hopefully they’ll do well this year.

And what was your favourite record of last year?

Mishal Zeera‘s The Design. It’s a really accomplished piece of work.

Where’s your favourite place in the whole wide world? Link it to a song if you can….

… How about ‘Marrakesh Express’?

And finally, when life gives you lemons…..?

Lather, rinse, repeat…

From Joe Abbitt.

Sucking Lemons.


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