Two Wings.

Two Wings
For all the critical quashing of the new folk scene – and admittedly what passes as folk is a little crap these days (think Mumford & Sons and that muppet Ed Sheeran) – you’d be forgiven for passing up on anything that even dared to utter the f-word. The trouble is, if you did, you’d be missing out on Two Wings, a pretty fabulous duo that incorporate the traditional sounds of folk with rock n’ roll, psychedelia and everything in between. A little tip for you: folk music is amazing, if you ignore everything anyone’s ever told you about it.

April 30th sees the release of debut album Love’s Spring, and, bearing in mind that the promo copy I’ve had for weeks hasn’t left my stereo, that’s certainly a date you’ll want to make a note of. Opener and future single ‘Eikon’ is simply stunningly beautiful, Hanna Tuulikki’s helium-inflected swoon slipping around Ben Reynolds’ Clapton-esque guitar, and it’s quite possibly the most original thing I’ve heard in a while. Elsewhere, ‘Altars & Thrones’ marries chimes and lilting vocals to haunting effect, while 8 minute closer ‘Forbidden Sublime’ is unbelievably ambitious, meandering around with such melody that it’s just impossible to ignore.

The single ‘Eikon’ is set for release on March 12th, through Tin Angel Records. Check out a live version below:

From Joe Abbitt.

Sucking Lemons.


One response to “Two Wings.

  1. who has ever called Ed Sheeran folk? and what exactly is wrong with Mumford & Sons?

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